The story
behind our

Kuhina's fundations

Quality products

In the flood of mass production, fast-paced lifestyles and short-lived trends, quality is losing its value. Kuhina is a brand that strives to make products from durable and natural materials, where quality and intelligent design are a priority.

Holistic manufacturing

We've redesigned products we know from the days when our grandmothers baked bread for us and given them a modern twist. Our idea has been brought to life by carefully-selected artisans. When used and maintained correctly, these kitchen products will be your baking companion for years to come.

Responsible cooperation

Most of the products are made in Slovenian workshops by craftsmen, but we have also teamed up with partners from the European Union to ensure quality. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and mutual satisfaction.

Environmental awareness

As a company, we know that everything we do has an impact on the environment around us. We do our best to minimise our impact. We take nature into account when designing our products and packaging. We have chosen sustainable materials and packaging made from invasive plants in Slovenia. We use stamps and natural inks for printing.

Materials on which our products are based


Wood is an organic material that we have coexisted with and used for thousands of years. We are fascinated by its many properties, its durability, its beauty and its warmth. We use only wood of Slovenian origin.


Baking and storing in clay pots is one of the most natural ways to process and preserve food. In addition, clay allows for a lot of creativity in product design.


Did you know that steel is the most recycled material on earth? All available steel is recycled. We have chosen it mainly for its indestructibility and excellent thermal conductivity.


Linen is a natural antiseptic and kills bacteria. It is non-allergenic and an excellent filter to protect against dust. We chose it because it is perfect for preparing and storing bread, allowing it to breathe.

Kuhina are people

A little homemade wine goes well with good bread, and a little sea fennel and olive oil won't hurt either. For the soul.

Irena, Vid, Castro, Saša, Lenart, Samo the handy Man